America! Fuck yeah!

Some of my favorite American cars that revolutionized the industry. They are super-cars that are not afraid of lighting up their tires because parts from Italy are expensive.

#1.) Dodge Viper RT/10, the car that started it all for viper, which eventually gave way to the ACR that holds the record on the Nurburgring today.

#2.) Cadillac cts-v, Also set a record on the nurburgring as the fastest production 4 door sedan, beating the germans at their own game.

#3.) Corvette ZR1


One Response to “America! Fuck yeah!”

  1. You really should add that the ACR runs on barely legal or so close it doesnt really matter racing slicks. I cant remember exactly what it was but i think the tires are so soft they wear out 3x faster than the zr1 tires. Just saying, I love your choices but people should know.

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