Mercedes-Benz G class

Originally designed as a military vehicle in the 1970’s the Galendewagon was made to be a military vehicle like the Hummer, however the contract fell through and they decided to sell it to the german army and to civilians.

For the last 30 years it proved itself to be a rugged and reliable vehicle, earning many loyal enthusiasts. It is the car the pope-mobile is based on, as well as various other armoured vehicles. It has also proven itself by winning the Paris-Dakar rally, which is renowned for being one of the most grueling races in the world.

The G-wagen utilizes three fully locking differentials (one of the few vehicles sold in the U.S. to have such, along with the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, Toyota 80-series Land Cruiser, Pinzgauer High Mobility All-Terrain Vehicle, and Mercedes-Benz Unimog).

Among the engines offered in the G-Class for the 2004 model year is a 5.5-litre V8.
The 2005 Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG was relaunched as the G55 Kompressor or G55K and received a boost in power, thanks to a 5.5-liter, supercharged V8 developing 469 horsepower and 516 lb•ft of torque. Some tuners such as Brabus have even put V12 engines in for their customers that require more power and speed. Bullet proofing is also a popular option that several “business men” tend to get in addition to increased horsepower.

The G class is held in high regard around the world as one of the most rugged luxury SUV’s, that are capable of holding their own on the autobahn as well as the mountains.


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