Scale model crx limited

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crx1800x600Don’t have enough money to make your dream car into a reality? Buy a scale model and build it to your specifications to serve as motivation and eye candy. Who knows maybe one day it might turn into a reality??? Ran across my dream crx…. except this one was scaled down a bit šŸ˜‰


Gotta find a girl that does the dishes!

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Honda Grom

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Move over Honda Ruckus, the Honda Grom is coming to north America. The mini Ducati monster look alike is set toĀ arrive in the new 2014 model year. Unlike the 50cc ruckus, the grom is powered by a 125cc fuel injected engine with a four speed transmission. Since it isĀ made in Taiwan it has already been released there, and inĀ parts of Europe.Ā A strong aftermarket presenceĀ isĀ planning large things for this fun little commuter.Ā It even hasĀ capabilities to take 2 people if the need arises. Finally, a modern replacement for the classic Honda monkey in Europe or the ct70 in the states. I applaud Honda for bringing back fun, affordable, and commuter friendly bikes with modern technology. Here are some highly modified examples that I have found, can’t wait to modify my own!



Abandoned vehicles

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There is just something about abandoned vehicles that stirs the soul and spurs peoples imaginations about the perfect, “barn find” that was forgotten by time itself.














The more things change, the more they stay the same

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I stumbled uponĀ these two photos, and just wanted to show that whenever we think we are really advanced, most likely it has already been done before in one form or another.


Sorry about ditching this blog

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Well, it’s been about 2 years since I last posted on this blog. To tell you the truth I forgot that it even existed. Until I received a comment by a viewer about how much he enjoyed a particular picture. That’s when I remembered the whole reason that I started this thing in the first place was to share my passion with like minded individuals and to spread my findings to people who enjoy viewing them as much as I do. Anyways… I will try to get this thing started again, feel free to comment, as your comments serve as an inspiration that maybe I’m not really wasting my time. Please bare with me as I learn to use this website…me and technology don’t mix so well. Ā -stan

Don’t mind me i’m just hauling ass!

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